great coffee great food great place
At VeeVa! we're alive for coffee and as Cockermouth's first coffee shop we aim to provide not just great coffee, but great food and a great atmosphere too...

At VeeVa! we provide you with not only the coffees that you expect but a few speciality surprises of our own creation – please visit us in store to discover our new secret pleasures in coffee!

The Coffees we offer include:






Flat White


Hot Chocolate

Chai Tea Latte

Bambino Chino

All our coffees are available with extras to meet all your needs – make your choice, sit back and enjoy.

If you are after a refreshing cold drink we provide a varied selection to satisfy everyone’s tastes – including milkshakes, frosted fruit crushes and iced coffees and teas!

(For the full menu please come and see us at VeeVa!)

always full of fresh ideas