Our aim is simple. To provide both locals and visitors with a coffee shop that consistently produces excellent coffee.

Our staff are professionally trained baristas who are passionate about the art of coffee making. We believe that a great cup of coffee starts with the beans and ends at your lips and that is why we have chosen a highly aromatic, full bodied espresso, blended from 100% Arabica coffee beans sourced from smallholder farmers growing sustainably produced coffee in Central America, South America and Indonesia.  Our staff have been trained by the top UK Barista Trainer and “coffee guru” Paul Meikle-Janney.

Our passion for great taste is equalled only by our determination to find coffees that are produced with care and respect for the environment and the people who grow them. We are proud to have chosen a special blend of traceable, ethical and sustainable coffee beans sourced by the renowned suppliers Bolling Coffee from farmers and cooperatives that are passionate about the quality of their coffee. Bolling also supply Fortnum & Mason so we know we are in great company.


Our Coffee:

Triple Certified Fairtrade Espresso Blend.

Certifications – Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance.

A 100% organic Arabica blend from smallholder farmers growing sustainably grown coffee in Peru, Honduras and Sumatra. The coffee is slow roasted to fully develop the sweetness and fragrant aromas that are coaxed from the beans.

This is a highly aromatic, full bodied and flavoursome coffee that combines extremely well in milk based drinks. The coffee is organically grown on smallholder farms that are both Rainforest Alliance Certified (90% of the blend) and affiliated to Fairtrade certified cooperatives, guaranteeing a fair price for the farmers and additional premiums.

Our coffee is organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified.

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